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Rae beauty / hair loss?

So I’ve started taking Rae beauty, which is basically like a hair, skin & nail vitamin. I used my whole first package and bought another because my skin was very clear and my hair even started to feel thicker. I noticed a little extra hair loss though. Now I’m about 10-14 days into my 2nd packed and my hair is REALLY falling out like when I get out of the shower now I can see noticeable clumps in the drain. BUT what’s crazy is my hair is still feeling nice & thick and I don’t see like bald spots or anything but I’m wondering if the 2 things connect. Is my hair falling out like this from the vitamins? Is this hair loss like dead hair falling out? I don’t mean to sound ignorant or dumb it’s just like the amount of hair coming out of my head and how my hair feels doesn’t add up? 

Like could this be a sign like to maybe stop the vitamins? Or.. I’m not sure! Has anyone had something like this happen? 

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