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My father thinks I don’t love him?

We found out my dad has been having an emotional affair with my moms first cousin, right under our noses. We had offered this woman our home after some complications in her family, and she stayed with us for a while. After my mom confronted my father, he refused to show her his phone but she saw that they had been texting 30+ times a day. He left us, his two kids, during the pandemic and found a new apartment already. Anyway, he won’t admit to what he did. My mom and him met at a safe distance to discuss finances, and he still has to support us, his kids. But he said he wouldn’t pay for our home and implied he doesn’t care if we don’t have a roof over our heads. My mom has health problems, as does my almost 70 year old grandma who lives here, so neither work (my mom took care of us since my dads always at work and my grandma watches over our great grandma who lives here) and my dad was the sole provider. We now have nothing, and only have enough cash saved for a few months. They can’t go to court right now because of the virus. I texted my father saying “So (my brother) and I aren’t your responsibility anymore?” I just repeated something he said. He replied with “I’m not texting you, now I know how much you love me”. He’s been manipulative for years and constantly tells me I can’t do anything, as well as shown favoritism towards my younger brother. I just need some insight, is there anything I should do, any advice? Did I do anything wrong?

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    just talk to him about it

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