Do you think humans are confused about life. Meaning that higher consciousness is really more of an obstructive burden than anything else?

The reason I ask this is because Buddha said that "everything is empty". Implying in the sense that nothing is permanent in life and everything constantly changes whether you realize it or not. Example you start off as a child but gradually change into an adult, you and everything around you changes, even sensory overload is constantly changing. You go to work and hear your co-workers but then return home to hear something completely different such as the tv, or your kids, whatever it may be. You wash your hands in the restroom with water and that sensory deprivation eventually ends and goes somewhere else. You eat a tasty cheeseburger only for the flavor that enters your taste buds to eventually dissipate. My point is that even sensorial feelings are only temporary. That is why Buddha thought life was suffering because existence is nothing but a bounce to bounce catalyst of feelings that have no permanence and that is why attachment is also pointless because things all come to an end including feelings from hedonistic ones, to romantic ones to any at all. 

What I'm asking is do you think our greater form of consciousness is something that tortures us humans, and makes us suffer or is it something special? What do you think?

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  • Liz
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    1 month ago

    I am not confused about life. It was meant to change because God created it. Everything has cycles and so do people as they go through life. But people can adjust their lives according to their beliefs. I believe it when the Bible says we are living in "the last days." This indicates a great change and there is the need to be ready to make the adjustment. So it's necessary to find out what that means and if there is a chance to survive. See below.

    Source(s): 4/8 What Does It All Mean?
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  • 1 month ago

    I think beings that are less conscious than us also suffer. Imagine the torment of constant gnawing hunger. Is being all upset about your classic muscle car being stolen and wrecked worse?

    Our greater consciousness is something special, and it (our being aware of more things) causes us to suffer differently and about more things, but I doubt if the intensity of the pain is unmatched.

    I don't think less consciousness is the answer. More consciousness (of Buddhist teachings, for example) is probably the better option. 

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