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Why is my Tetra swimming at the top?

I have a community tank and all the water parameters are perfect and everyone is healthy. I noticed my Black Skirt Tetra is full of eggs. The last two days she’s been swimming at the top of the tank and kinda sucking in air. I have 2 air pumps in there and there’s plenty of oxygen so I’m not sure why. Does it have something to do with her carrying eggs? I’m not used to egg layers, I’ve only ever had live bearers for years. Any advice or knowledge would be much appreciated. Here’s a picture of my tank. You can kind of see her at the top in the middle. Thank you! 

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  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    My guess would be ammonia in the water. Take a sample from the Bottom of the tank. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Are you using test strips? They do not test for ammonia. Ammonia would be one of my first suspicions. The aquarium Hobby industry is set up so that you have to go out and buy a separate $15-$20 test for ammonia......go figure.

    Here is what I would do.  

    1. Test for ammonia. 

    2. Do a 50% water change. 

    3. Treat tank with fresh water,  Seachem Stress guard, and if the plants are fake 1 tble spoon of salt for every 10 gallons of water. 

    4. Repeat until ammonia is gone. 

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    • Nancy1 month agoReport

      Are the fish new? It could be stress. I would also caution you on cleaning the tank. You do not want to kill the beneficial bacteria. Simply rinse your filter and all tank ornaments in tank water. 

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