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I think my dad isn't my real dad?

I'm 17 years old and I need some advice. I have a suspicion my dad may not be my real dad... What sort of led up to me forming the concern was some thing that my mom had confessed to me over the last two years, sort of hinting that it may have very well been possible. I did take an ancestry test to learn my genealogy (Though very indirect and at the time not at all why I took it), and found that I had very different heritage than my dad. I had a slight idea of whom my dad might really be and there are a lot of physical features and genetic things we have in common, but my main concern is what if I'm wrong? I already have a somewhat decent talking terms relationship with both people, and of course I don't want to wreck that... It just keeps sort of bugging me and I thought maybe someone out there might have some sort of advice for me. The long and short of it is how do I A) Forget about it, never find out and move on, or B) Try to deal with this without destroying good relationships. Even if you don't have a clear answer every bit helps!

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    Just curious but do you know your blood type? In Biology we learned about blood types and someone discovered it was impossible to be a product of whom they believed to be their parents. I think that's more reliable than the ancestry thing because a friend of mine did it twice and got different results. I find it interesting that the hints have popped up at now that your 17, maybe 18 will bring revelations? At any rate it seems youre fortunate to be in good supportive relationships. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Let me just stop you right there at "I think my Dad isn't my real Dad"

    Its a load of ****, and so entirey disrespectful to the man who raised you! Even if he is not biologically your dad, he's your father in every way that counts, lets just clear that

    huge misconception right up. This is the guy who has been with you since birth, was there when you took your first steps, taught you how to ride a bike, was there for your first day of school, was the guy who was there 24/7 etc.

    You seem to think biologly is everything it's not! Anyone, even a 12 year can put his sperm inside a females vagina, it doesn't mean they are parent material! Real men, real parents they stick around, and they help raise their children that they helped created. If some other guy knocked your mom up, it means he left as soon as the sex was over, and couldn't be bothered to stick around and help her raise you, speaks volumes of his lack of character.

    If you want to find out abou biology, go right ahead.

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  • Pearl
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    i would just talk to your mom about it

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  • 1 month ago

    The easiest way is to ask your mum, is dad my real dad, you're old enough to know unless your mum has hidden it from your dad for all of these years.

    an Ancestry DNA test will give you all the people who may be related to you, just go through the names on their family trees that are available and see if you dads Surname keeps coming up.

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