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What’s going on with my stomach pains? ?

Around two months ago I got very sick, I was throwing up blood + bile for around 2 weeks. I went to the hospital twice and they told me I just had a stomach bug. I was barely able to keep water down, and also didn’t eat at all. I lost around 20 pounds. I’m 19 and at the time, went from 200lbs to 180. I’ve been “well” for around two months now, but I still get intense stomach pains randomly to the point I am curling up, unable to move. The only thing that sort of helps is drinking some warm water. Why am I getting these pains? Is it because my stomach is still healing? Please let me know anything ! 

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    its gas...i know it sounds like thats impossible. and i agree it does sound crazy...but its are gonna have to try a few different things im not sure what will help you..Have you been sitting down when the pain occurs...if so stand up and walk around your stomach empty, if so eat something..and lastly of course try taking something for gas

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      I will try that! Thank you! 

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