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Looking for advice for my dog that pulls!?

He is a 6 year old Staffordshire-Bull-Terrior. I adopted him when he was 1 from his previous owner. She got him and had a new born so he was rarely walked and socialised. He was crazy in the beginning but has calmed down a lot and is perfect in the house now. BUT when taken out for a walk he will pull and pull and pull. My partner and I are correcting him every 10 seconds it’s draining. I’ve taken him to training sessions, read books and watched online videos, nothing has helped on re training and I’m very persistent. 

We dread taking him out as it’s so stressful. He has the lead that tightens around his neck as he pulls but that doesn’t phase him, he will happily choke and pull down the road.  We can’t have him off the lead as he’s not good with other dogs either 😫. I see other doggies walking and playing nicely and I think why can’t you be like that!! Help! Has anyone got advice or any links for help? 

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    It's simple to get a dog to stop pulling.

    Understand firstly why the dog pulls on the lead. It's because as they do, they - along with the handler - move forwards, which is what the dog wants. That rewards and therefore reinforces the behavior, hence why they continue to do it.

    Try using a head collar. If they pull with the lead on a head collar, it will make their head move to the side, stopping the pulling.

    Another method which is effective is the 'make like a tree' technique. That may sound silly, but it works. Basically, the minute that the dog begins pulling on the lead, you immediately stop walking, stand completely still and don't budge and inch. Once the dog is walking nicely, then you carry on going. This way, the dog will learn that pulling will get them nowhere and that walking nicely is the way to go.

    Also understand that training a dog can take a lot of time and effort, so don't be be afraid of contacting a dog behaviorist or trainer if you feel that you need to.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    " I see other doggies walking and playing nicely and I think why can’t you be like that!!" The people who own those dogs don't wait 5 years before they train the dog, take them out daily or twice daily and don't give up or make excuses about why they have failed to train/socialise their dogs.

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    Use a head collar.  This will, or should,  give you far more control over what's going on, and stop the dog from putting all this strain on his neck.

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    We had a similar issue and were recommended the Gentle Leader. We got a 160lb dog from a rescue that had never been leash-trained. He was easily strong enough on a leash to literally pull down a 220lb man (watched it happen). 

    The Gentle Leader comes with a disc to show you how to get your dog used to the leash itself (it goes over their snout but don't worry, they can still bark and eat and drink with it on). Once they are used to the snout part, it makes it a breeze to walk your dog. He won't be able to pull on it because, if he does, it turns his head. 

    It's a great option that worked for both our rescue dog and a particularly stubborn 65lb dog.

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    In that case, train him not to pull.

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     My obedience club always has EACH dog -owner try the PRONG collar out, before ever putting it on a dog. (It is only advised, if they feel the collar needs to be used) and until the dog is "under control" or not threatening to put the owner face-flat or tear out their arm socket.  All dogs (once under better control) get moved to some other collar.  But if this dog is NOT good around other dogs AND is always pulling and is INGRAIN of 5+ years (as a puller) IMO, it IS needed.

    I know the SCREAMING is going to start that Belgian Nut and I are even attempting to suggest this person use a prong collar.  (That they are torture devices).  Bull Hockey!

    HOW many of you have EVER put one on your bare arm or leg & pulled on it tight?  (I'll bet NOBODY.)


    I HAVE, and it did not even mark my skin, let alone scratch myself or cut off any blood circulation, since it ONLY CLOSED all at once all the way around (so far, and no more) UNLIKE the commonly used (metal CHOKE collar) okayed for use in every AKC & UKC obedience ring & most dog training classes.  The said "CHOKE" collar does a LOT of trachea damage to dogs, but the prong collar shows little to NONE (when long term use was studied by Vet schools) and each dog's throat & trachea  was looked at during NECROPSY. => So SAVE your cater-wauling and ZIP IT!

    This IS a training tool, and once the owner finds a GOOD trainer at an AKC-affiliated  Dog Obedience TRAINING Club, they can probably make real progress in training the dog to learn to 

    1) pay attention and 2) to HEEL on leash INSTEAD of pulling.

    CKJ, you can order a Herm Springer prong collar (many places online) but if you do not put it on CORRECTLY, it will not work well for you.  ALL extra links (in it) need to be removed. (You can do this yourself) if not by pinching the links, then by use of pliers.  The Prong  collar needs to be fitted to the TOP of the neck (directly BEHIND the ears) and it must be clipped ONTO the neck, NOT pushed over the head.  The lower neck is where all the dog's protective muscling is & the dog also has more TORQUE down there.  You have little control if ANY collar, if it is sitting at the BASE of the neck.  You control the dog => by controlling the HEAD.   IMO, correctly sized and correctly (at the top of the neck) installed prong collars work BETTER than head halter & some dogs THROW a rearing, bucking "hissy-fit" when you place a halter on them.  The ones that did, NEVER accepted the head halter.

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  • 1 month ago

    If nothing you've tried hasn't worked, its because YOU haven't put in the necessary training time and/or went to a so-called trainer with no knowledge.  Sign up for classes with a QUALIFIED instructor - NO PetSmart classes.  Take an 8 week course and put in the homework.  It's ridiculous that this has been allowed to go on for 5 years and is now totally ingrained.  Teaching a dog to walk politely on leash is really a simple process.

    I'd get someone who knows what they're doing to get this dog properly fitted with a prong collar AND teach you how to use it correctly.  They work.  

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