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How can I gain weight?

For basically, my whole life, i just couldn't get myself to gain weight. I stuffed myself with junk foods, just to feel sick the next day. I powerlifted for a few months and got a lot stronger, (in fact, i was actually one of the strong ones my whole life) but still didn't gain a pound. I'm a little underweight. I need to gain weight asap cuz I look so ugly being skinny as a twig. Some tips?

I'm an 18 yr old female i usually eat an extremely healthy diet. I am a healthy person in general.


oh i forgot to include, I exercise moderately every day. I go out biking for 1 hour daily. Does this activity make me burn too much calories?

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    Doing cardio just adds to your body's natural ability to burn calories. Apparently you have a fast metabolism, so the more cardio type of exercise you do, the more calories you need to consume to offset the calorie burn. 

    Stuffing yourself with junk food is not healthy. If you're going to eat, make it mostly healthy foods. Look up weight gain diets or healthy high calorie foods. The link below has some suggestions such as nuts, read meat, and starchy foods. Drink smoothies (tons of recipes online) with your meals and as snacks, to add more calories to your day. 

    You may even want to speak to your doctor about seeing a nutritionist who can help guide you as far as what kinds of things to eat to gain weight, that aren't likely to cause health problems eventually because they are lacking in nutrition (like junk food). As for exercise, workout with weights to add muscle, which is a heavier tissue by volume, than fat. Biking, walking, running, etc are fine also if you enjoy them, just understand that those kinds of activities burn more calories so will contribute to your difficulty in putting on some pounds.

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    Continue with the healthy diet.  Maybe you could tone and work on gaining muscle mass?  There are exercises on YouTube for help with that.  Also, you would consider talking with a certified nutritionist (not a dietitian)

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