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Will someone smell or taste blood if any blood clots in lungs? What are warning signs for someone already with long-term lung disease?

Who has already had lung pain for many many years, exsmoker etc.have heard some people have lung blood clots they aren't aware of for years?

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    "Have heard of some people have lung blood clots they aren't aware of for years?"

    A blood clot does not last for years. The body destroys the blood clot within days to weeks or you die with it. 

    Small blood clots come and go and the body takes care of the delicate balance that does not result in gross symptoms. When gross symptoms do exist then there would be definite signs and laboratory evidence of such large clots that compromise health. 

    Just because a person has pain for many years does not mean they are due to blood clots. Most people with chest pain do not turn out to have blood clots. The problem right now is determining origins in a person with chest pain as having a blood clot or COVID is the use of X-rays and CT's. 

    There's genetic and acquired medical conditions that render a person more susceptible to blood clots but that doesn't mean they are having chest pains for years. If such a person comes down with chest pain they should go to the ER each and every time. 

    The symptoms of blood clots in the lung are shortness of breath and or chest pain. A person can cough up blood but one must see blood rather than simply smell it or taste it. 

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  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    no no they will not

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    Blood clots and lesions in the lungs have a characteristic smell and taste in your mouth. And sometimes on your breath like rotten meat. If you don't have bad teeth or an oral infection and you keep tasting or smelling something rotten you probably have a long infection because of lesions or a blood clot

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