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No one at my work wears masks but me (HVAC Company). How do I stay safe as I read masks won't protect me only others if I have COVID?

I read masks will not protect me from Coronavirus unless the other person also has one on. My boss is arrogant about this. Me and the bosses son who has intellectual / learning and emotional disabilities are the only 2 that wear masks.

How do I stay safe and not get the virus? One employee stood right near me today. I feel safe with the bosses disabled son cause he is using caution. No one else do I feel safe around. The boss was sneezing today with no mask on.


We have to wear masks into customers houses but not at the office. 

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    It's not accurate to say that you wearing a mask won't help. It helps you in eliminating and avoiding the large droplets generated by others. 

    It is true that the surgical masks or regular cloth masks can not prevent exposure but it does help in reducing the degree of exposure. 

    Most people who are asymptomatic don't generate aerosol droplets which are smaller and generated when a person is symptomatic who are sneezing and coughing.

    Wear your mask and continue to wash your hands often and especially before eating. 

    It's unfortunate that others are reckless. 

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    A mask protects you. That is why all health care workers use them. They should have masks in the office, but even if they do not wear them, if you wear one you have less chance of getting infected. 

    Yesterday I heard two women talking as I waited to go into a store. One of them works in a poultry processing place. She said all the people not wearing masks at her job got infected and all the people wearing masks did not get infected. Therefore masks work. 

    By the way the boss is stupid, because if it spreads around the office he will have to shut it down. 

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