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Do I have asthma or is it something else. ?

I suffer from allergies and get the whole symptoms of allergies Including eczema and hives. However recently I get this feeling of chest tightness with no wheezing or coughing. I also have severe anxiety and tend to believe that everything is wrong with me and I obsess over these thoughts that something is wrong with me.I have been tested previously for asthma with a spirometry exam and the results were above normal with no asthma, as well as prescribed an albuterol inhaler with no relief of this feeling. Could this be asthma caused by allergies, or is it a hypochondriac episode? 

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    You have anxiety. When you have asthma there is a definite wheezing in your chest and you have a hard time getting enough air. Take B vitamins and ashwagandha, and go for long walks. 

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