Can the president use the U.S. military to stop a riot or can only National Guard be called in?

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  • 2 months ago

    Despite  president  TWEETY's   claims......only the GOVERNOR has the authority to call out the National Guard and do what's best for their state. 

    Trump,  seems to think being elected President,  makes him THANOS of the Universe or something.  I keep picturing him with an empty infinity gaunlet,  snapping his fingers,   after  Tony Stark has already taken all the stones. 

    He keeps trying to assert and use powers he simply doesn't have. 

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  • 2 months ago

    A president can only send in the US military if a state's chief executive (governor or one acting in the stead of governor) waives posse comitatus.

    Posse comitatus legally prevents a president from having the US military take action in any state without permission of the state government.

    The only time a president can send the US military into a state without that state's permission is when martial law is declared due to the state government having been rendered incapable of functioning or if there is an insurrection.

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