dent in my shin?


work at a chicken plant as a sanitation worker i go in with a crew and deep clean/sanitize the machines between day and night shift. Basically i got put on a different machine than usual and i didnt realize the lady working next to me opened the drain directly under my machine, youre supposed to put up a cone or caution tape if the drain is in position to be stepped in, she did not. I was too busy trying to speed through my machine as it was more chicken than im used to working with and we have about 3 hours before start up to finish. so ill take the L i was looking up spraying while walking and stepped into this drain its probably about 2 feet deep and my right shin slammed into the end of the wall part of it when i finally stepped at the bottom of it. I didnt report it because then and now it doesnt hurt to walk on no pain at all. the swelling did come down but theres a dent in my shin the bruising is starting to show and gradually heal but i can see the indent through my pant leg and feel it. i know you are going to tell me to see a dr but i dont have insurance im basically just asking if anybody has an idea of why there is still a dent or if i should try to see a dr anyways? if this dent will go away? opinons?

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