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How do I get rid of my sister’s friend?

My sister has a friend that has been staying at our house since quarantine started becasue she “doesn’t have somewhere to go?” (Pretty sure that’s some bs but whatever). The point is, I hate her. Like, a lot. She’s incredibly annoying, whiny, a total drama queen, and PAINFULLY stupid. All she does is sit on her *** all day and the come down to eat occasionally. And when she does, she takes the leftovers from the fridge, microwaves the ENTIRE CONTAINER, eats STRAIGHT FROM IT, and then PUTS IT BACK!? And then sometimes she won’t eat until dinner and then she just whines about how hungry she is and about how she has a headache. I HATE her. I’ve survived with her here for this long, and I’ve had enough. I need to scare her away, something big enough that’ll make her leave, but that won’t get me in any trouble with my parents. Any ideas?

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