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Is it possible to do summer classes at a community college and still transfer to a University for the fall semester?

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    If you've already been accepted into a university, you won't be transferring into the university in the fall, only transferring credits.  If you haven't already apply for and been accepted into a university, you've missed the window to attend in the fall.

    If you want to attend a CC and then transfer to a university, you will probably need to attend the CC as a full-time student for at least a year to earn enough credits to be considered as a transfer student.  Many universities will accept transfer applications as last as May/June for the fall term --  you have to find that out by actually contacting the transfer admissions office at the university and reading about their transfer requirements.

    As others have noted, you should also verify with the university which classes from the CC will be accepted. Not all CC classes have an equivalent at any given university.  It is common for some credits/classes not to be accepted.   

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Check with your university first.  It could change your status from freshman to transfer student. That may or may not matter. 

    Make sure, ask them, if they will accept the specific classes you take at the CC. Do not take the CC word for it.   

    If you have not applied and been accepted  to a university it possible to apply for Spring semester.  Most universities are not accepting applications for this Fall school year. Call and ask the university.  My son applied to a private university The first week of August as a transfer student. He was accepted and started classes two weeks later. 

  • Squid
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    Yes, but you need to look closely at application deadlines.  Get your application in for the university before the deadline.  After you finish your summer classes, you take your community college transcript to the university registrar to transfer in the credits.

    You can repeat that every summer, or even alternate days during Fall and Spring semesters, and end up taking the hardest classes through the CC and saving thousands in tuition.

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    It's too late to apply for admission for fall semester anyway! IF you have already been accepted & confirmed acceptance at a university, then take some summer classes at another school, you might be able to request your university accept your summer school course credits as transfer credits. But that depends on your university.

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  • 2 months ago

    you should be able to. I know people who did spring classes at a 2 year school after high school ended for them in January and will do fall classes at the 4 year. Should be possible

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