j.k rowling is not "transphobic" she is pro human rights why do people support killing people for wrong think?

A} tranphobia is not a thing{phobias are real things that grip real people and bigotry against the affected is wrong}

B} it is not wrong to put a persons ability to work to survive above hurt feelings based on words{which is what she did}

C} her tweets were not wrong,she supported you being who you are just did not support your belife words should cause someone to be fired

why do people think it is ok to cause people to be unemployable thus murdering them veia capatalizim just because of what they say,

i am not allowed to fire you for saying all pedophiles should be killed wich is basically saying that it is ok to genocide a group of people because of their unhealthy sexual oriantation.

because your ability to work is a right,as long as we use the capatalizim model it will not be a right to refuse to let some one work any one doing so is a murderer,

so why do you support murder?

i don't but all lieing and saying she is anti trans clearly do.


i used the fact i can't fire some one advocateing to kill a person who could have a mental illness known as pedophilic disorder AS AN EXAMPLE made a person who is not trans say trans people support being attracted to children,

what an idiot fine ok then you deserve to die on the street because you said something the lgbt did not like you idiot i was sideing with you ya moron

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    bout time some one pointed out that a state and nation that chooses to need work for survival is commiting murder when they give their citizens the right to fire people for things other then shotty work.

    i don't support doing so and the only logical reason they say what they do about her is because they want to kill off anyone who does not think like them in the only legal way possible.

    the fact is real fans won't stop watching her things because they know that all the stuff is bs,just like real fans don't try to tell her who her creations are or what they are.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nope, she has a history of liking transphobic tweets of others and has refused to back away from her actions. In short she is a TERF.

    Your misinformation campaign is a big fail.

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