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What would be best for me??? (10 points best answer)?

I did so badly in high school that I have to take extra steps and extra classes before I can get into regular college courses to work towards my degree... I tried a thing called Fast Track that I had to complete math and english in and score a certain score to be able to move onto college level classes, but I didn't get it done on time so my next option is to take a math and english class online for a monthly fee and transfer those credits to the college I want to go to (that's if I pass it with a certain grade).

I want to get into nursing and they give you different classes you can take such as math, english, Anatomy & Physiology, etc.

Should I do the required courses first (math and or english) and then take the Anatomy & Physiology later on (just so I can get credit towards my degree for taking those classes) and do the math and english later OR should I do the required math and english class and after I pass that, then maybe take the Anatomy & Physiology class? After I take the math and english class, I might just apply for a college for the nursing program and just take the classes they give me. Taking the Anatomy & Physiology class is just basically an option for 4 credits to put on my resume so I can say I did a class for that

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  • John
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    5 months ago

    Its important at this point that you focus on what you need to accomplish.  If you do not score high enough on math and English, you will not get into college.  Its that simple.  Consequently, forget about everything else at this time and get the English and math marks you need.  


  • drip
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    5 months ago

    You have asked this question two or three times now. 

    You need to meet with your college. You need to meet with nursing program. You need facts direct from the schools and program you want to attend.  What classes are needed and what grades are needed to have a good chance at being admitted into the nursing program

    You first need to pass a beginner level math and English class with a B or better. If you can not do that there isn’t any reason to take more classes towards nursing school. 

  • 5 months ago

    You need to pass math and english or nursing programs wont even look at your application regardless of when you take A & P. So let that be your focus. Online may not be for you either if you struggle, in which case look at the CCs.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You cannot enroll in that specific course unless you have met the prerequisites. Also, you have to declare a major. Sounds like you're not taking college seriously.

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