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what is something random you find attractive about a guy/girl? ?

-I like guys who wear watches



-I used to like guys with braces when I was 13-15 (still do kinda)

-smart,funny, kind 

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    I really like long hair on guys. Whereas I often, (but not always), like shorter hair on women. (I'm panromantic grey ace. So.. yeah.)

    Also..? I previously felt mostly apathetic about beards. Like.. I didn't love them, but I didn't hate them either. However, since falling head over heels in love with my soulmate, who just so happens to have a HUGE, awesome, red beard..? I've gotten totally converted to the side of beards!! Like.. I think his beard is SO awesome, and just so very HIM! And I LOVE it!! And.. would be really, really sad if he shaved it off! Which… luckily, he's got no plans to do so. And seems really happy that I also love it when it's long and unkempt! :D

    Also..? He's got a piercing in one of his ears, that I LOVE to play with! And find really REALLY attractive!! Plus I love his cute little teeth!!! And I love his crazy laughter!! I love his light filled, loving, beautiful eyes!! I love the way he smiles at me!! And.. he's non-binary, and likes to cross-dress and wear feminine clothes! He's got this tight pair of bright red / pink snake skin pants, that I utterly LOVE!! I just think he's so cute in them!!! And.. he hasn't worn dresses around me before. But I'm now REALLY into the thought of him in a dress!! Just because I imagine him being SO cute in one!! And being happy, and feeling more like himself!! (Which is why he wears them.)

    And... awwwwww. I just really, really, REALLY love him!!! Can you tell? :D

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