i'm a straight person. it all changes when a girl comes into my life. ?

she's my best friend so far

when she and i live in a hostel, she kisses me while i sleeps.then, i was shock and I woke up and saw that she was watching me and she kept pretending to sleep.after that incident. I felt weird and tried to ask her about it but she ignored my question until I kissed her again. after that, we seemed to be in love and we shared everything after we dont stay at hostel, we didn't see each other,from that time, she seemed to change and forget everything that happened ... i still contact her but as a friend. i am not strong i feel so sad,how can she forget everything i and she went through? .. she changed me into bixesual. and now i have feelings for girls and guys .. she looks fine as if nothing happened between me and him .. i wanna forget what happened .. but he was my best friend ... and we went to college same, so we met in college often .. when i see her... i cant forget what happened.. what should i do? sorry fo my bad english

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  • Helen
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    6 months ago
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    No one can "change" your sexuality. Your sexuality is fixed from a very young age. You may not have always known it, but you have always been bisexual. Nothing at all wrong with that.

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