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Should this make me feel weird?

My husband ex wife’s just had a baby with her husband. We are going over to their house for the kids to visit their new baby. I have to drive because my husband is disabled. We all get along and I have no problem going over there, but I’m afraid they’re going to want my husband to told the baby and it would make me feel weird. Should it? 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    If they're still this close you're going to have to either accept it or let it turn into a battle. Sounds like you've already got kids with this man so it's not like this is his first time holding a baby. You're sort of in for a penny, in for a pound on this one. I'd just get over it. 

  • n2mama
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    2 months ago

    Apparently it does, because you have asked multiple versions of this question for days, and multiple versions of “should I be bothered by this” for weeks. Your insecurity level is exceptionally high for some reason. Did you get with your husband while he was still married to his ex and so think that he either will go back to her or will cheat on you because you know he’s a cheater? If you can’t handle being married to a man who has an ex wife and young children, knowing that you will have interactions with them for years to come you should not have gotten married. 

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