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Are seagulls a reasonable low budget substitute for drones?

Iran cannot compete with the expense of drones. However, logically all defense systems are looking for hunks for metal and steel. But this does not describe a seagull! Seagulls therefore are being trained as we speak by Iran that can sneak past air defense systems, carrying miniturized composite material M16s or sidewinder missiles that can fly over and take out key resources in enemy camps escaping to high altitudes before anyone realises. 

This worries me and should you too. Look how the patriot missile system was useless to protect Saudi interests now Iran has an even more effective solution since modern systems look for high tech devices. 

What can the US do against such clever and devious measures being developed by its enemies?

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    That's really frickin' lame.

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  • 2 months ago

    There is NOTHING a seagull is physically capable of doing that would use a drone that didn't cost less than FEEDING, much less training, the seagull.

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