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Cant find the movie name been more than 3 years  Any help please?

Its not a very old movie but maybe 6-10 years ago

Cant remember everything but a few scenes :

Action Drama type Plays off in the western days with horses

The bad guy believes he is acting on behalf of God (almost like a missionary) killing and hurting people who he believed have sinned 

The main actor is a women and her husband

The husband is a shepherd 

He got killed later on where the wife wants revenge

Another guy came to help who is almost like a bounty hunter

At the end of the movie as i can Remember the lady hide between a herd of sheep

I also remember there is a scene where the lady entered a shop to buy new clothing where the shop keeper went outside and peek through a hole as they get dressed 

She poked him in the eye and took the clothes for free

Any help of this move name will be appreciated 

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  • 1 month ago

    The Outsider with Naomi Watts and Tim Daly. Brett Tucker is the shepherd

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      Thanks you already answered it but thats not it,as some of the scenes I describe is not in the movie you mentioned

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