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calling some one a pedophile for asking questions about pedophiles and behavior should be a crime worthy of life what do you think?

i think if attraction is real and thats a big IF then the act of stigmatizing comunication about the subject and those suffering from the illness should be a crime worthy of life in prision,

calling some one a pedophile for talking about pedophilia or pedophiles is exactly the same as calling them a homosexual for talking about homosexuals and homosexuality, it is done out of bigotry against the people with the disorder

{ a hate crime not being treated like one}

and with the intent to spread harmful misinformation about the condition,what is worse is it actually causes child molesters to go free due to most of them not haveing the disorder,according to fbi statistics involving inmates.

so what do you think should the cult like behavoir of information control when it involves people with a disorder be a criminal offence not covered under the first like obcenity and inciting harm?


done with this question as the proof people who do it are not humans was all over my page

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    it should be fine able the first few times, remove right to privacy after the third and doing so more then four times should have all rights stripped as you are clearly not equal to humans who actually care about children,we talk about these subjects and help those with this illness get the help they need and we don't throw tauntrums about the correct usage of seintific words.

    so no not life but yes it should not be covered speech as slander is not nor is liable but seeing as it is hard to prosicute those things i think that doing so should make you a cult member so you are monotered to see if you break said laws

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    not when you can just blow them off as an idiot and ignore it

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      besides how are you going to ignore it when so many people are doing it **** holes try to frame you with cp because they think they are being a hero,then what do you do? no i say nip it in the *** right away and teach people this kind of behaviour leads to harm and will not be allowed

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