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If you live in a liberal state when are you going to leave?

The liberal govenors intend to keep your states under isolation orders until most of the small businesses are closed, most of their citizens are living on welfare or other government handouts or until the citizens rise up and force them to open. So what do you think will happen in your state, what are you going to do (move or fight or sit in place)? I bet most Democrats will sit on their hands and allow the whole economy around them sink while the Republicans will rise up and raise holy hell. It is the difference between the sheep and the Patriots. What do you think?

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    Plan was this summer. But i was recently informed that no, we will wait until the youngest finishes college, so they have a comfort situation to come back to in the summers. So, another four years I think, but I also hear more and more kids staying in school five. There is also no telling of one will end up going even longer and such. So I guess I'll just do what I'm told in this one. It's just getting harder and harder to maintain the home and grounds.

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    I agree, but the mentally ill left on this site will claim that they are the patriots instead lol.

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