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If a hairdresser has indirectly harmed you before and you can no longer see her again, what to do about it?

I confronted her after she indirectly harmed me while having a haircut from her. While doing so, she became defensive and played the victim to the point that her fellow hairdressers sided with her. When I initiated to stop all this, we shook hands but she hurt my hand by squeezing it hard. Months later, she is gone from the salon and the salon closed probably due to contract matters. I can't stop forgetting this as it felt traumatic to me. Whenever I see similar scenarios anywhere, this thought comes back to me.



When she indirectly hurt me, she also raised her voice to me as if she is someone's strict mom. I haven't even seen her face before meeting her in that hair salon.

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    She probably did it by accident.  There's no reason to be hung up about it.  She was probably defensive because shes liable for lawsuit.  Anyone (including yourself) would probably be scared if someone accidentally got hurt and you were liable to get sued. 

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    I would write to their employer about what they did to you. 

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    Why do you keep posting mindless idiocy over and over trying to justify your own idiocy and inability to act like a grown up?

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    You've clearly led a very sheltered life then.  Normally when someone gives you a bad haircut you don't go back to them, that's it.  You don't confront them, you take your money elsewhere and you tell everyone you know to do the same thing.  Then you forget about it.  "Traumatic"?  F ucking drama queen.

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