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Is it safe to give dog another medication if the first one didn’t dissolve? ?

My dog popped out her pill 

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    • "Is it safe to give dog another medication if the first one didn’t dissolve? ?"

    That choice of words is very confusing.

    "another medication" means a DIFFERENT KIND OF medication. But you haven't even told us what the medication is FOR, and WHICH brand and dosage is involved.

    • "My dog popped out her pill "

    [Verulam] thinks your "popped out" meant "pooped out". Did it?

    To answer that, plus TELL us WHICH medication (brand & dosage), and WHAT it is supposed to treat & cure:

    ☆1: click the [Edit] under your question, then

    ☆2: click the [Add Update] that will pop up, then

    ☆3: type the missing information into the empty space that will appear. Add anything else that you believe might be helpful.

    While waiting for you to respond, I will tell you about my Offa (see photo). She was the last of my kennel-line that I'd started in 1968. She developed pyometritis on May 2007. Normally the "treatment" is removal of the uterus & ovaries. But she hadn't had a litter, and she was the LAST of my foundation line. So I asked the vet to use the hormonal treatment, which required Offa to be in the cage at the clinic for many day, and on a "drip". I visited her each day, but she was very upset each time I had to leave. When I had to take her to a clinic in a different city, for a scan that "my" vet didn't have the equipment for, she was very happy UNTIL I had to return her.

    But eventually she was well enough to come home, but had to be given a course of pills - I forget how many times a day. GIVING them was easy: Back her into the corner formed by my L-shaped bench, sit her, open her mouth with my left hand then push the pill in & back with my right hand. With her head still up I'd stroke her throat until she swallowed. Whereupon I gave her praise & a pat then released her. Some time later I would discover that pill lying under the overhang where the under-bench -cupboards stick out more than their base does. So rinse the pill and start again. GEEZ her tongue was expert at invisibly moving the pill into her cheek pouch so that she could spit it out once I wasn't looking!

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • Snid
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    1 month ago

    Can you give her the same one again in a piece of cheese?  If not, wait until tomorrow.

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  • 1 month ago

    If I am READING the spelled words correctly: the dog spit out or popped the pill [out of its mouth].  Gelatin pill coverings won't last past the stomach.  The dog DID NOT POOP it out the "back end" (BE REAL!)  So of COURSE... the dog can either be given it again, if it did not break open, or a second (new) pill may be given, instead.  

    OP needs to LEARN how to GIVE pills, if dog won't simply swallow it inside some sort food/treat.  Zots gave reasonable example.  I make a dog sit, then LIFT the head (nose to ceiling) & put the pill into the back of the throat & follow (it) IMMEDIATELY by offering a delicious treat so dog WILL swallow (& pill will be pushed on down by the food) =>>> going behind it.

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  • 1 month ago

    So the pill came through in her stool, without being digested?   Mmm, odd.  I'd be talking to my vet about what's happened BEFORE you repeat this because presumably it will happen again??

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  • 1 month ago

    Just give her the same pill. Put it to the back of her tongue and close her mouth and hold it and she will swallow.

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