How to end being a pawn?

In 2013 my first love fell madly inlove with my ex date, and hot so jealous that he felt the need to destroy me by sycotically turning everuone against me for being a rat, because i found out, now my parents and my friends and my teachers and sopport network are being finnancially propped by my ex and my ex date. And people close to me have tried to frame me so that they all can get "sopported'' by my exes, who joined up and try to kill me. And i lost everything includong those i love and they think its halarious because they think i murdered my step-brother. My ex hate-****** me because he bullied me in middle school and i dont even get sodpport from my mom. She left the gas stove onnonce

I want to end this goings on for atleast a decade and i have been strong and maintained before and i just cant anymore im embarresed ashamed and a penny weight on my folks. They say i should live with false-life, i was ripped off of a life amd o need to kill myself in tge most violent and hurtfull way, because i know there love stoned but im 25 and havent had my first job because of that.

Serious Inquierys Only And i need to beforw the end of covid

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  • 2 months ago

    Wrong category. Please move it to 'Family and Relationships'.

    Or maybe 'Mental Health'.

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