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Why Is Sailor Moon TV-14?

I was watching the 90's one with my kids on Hulu and was surprised to see that it had a TV-14 rating. Why? There's no cursing or extreme gore. At most, the outfits could be a little skimpy. I understand it deals with more mature themes as the series progresses, but so does The Twilight Zone, and that's rated Y-7. Could anyone explain this to me? 


We're watching the American Dub, I remember the darker elements in it and sexual hints, but it's hardly worse than Steven Universe and my kids adore that show. 

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    The Japanese have very different standards for kids shows then we do, they say hell and bastard and asshole in shows for 5 year olds. Also I’ve heard they show teenagers kissing in bed, but nothing more sexual than that, and one character attempts suicide somewhat early in the series. Plus very occasionally blood is shown. Other than that honestly if your kids are 7 or 8 years old they’re probably fine watching it especially if you’re there with them. 

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    It's fap-cheesecake.  Do you really want your 13-year old fapping to it?  No.  But 14 is fine!  

    (hoping you pick up on the tongue in cheek there)

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