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Need Help + Advice for seeking a career in teaching?

I am a single mom in California that has recently spent 5 years volunteering at a public elementary school doing many things and serving many roles, including helping in the classroom with the students. I also spent one school year serving as a volunteer librarian, and was completely in charge of organizing and running their library. 

When I was younger, I was a very good student and got along with all of my teachers. When I was in both middle school and high school, I almost always easily earned A's and B's in every class.   I especially enjoyed math and English. However, I must admit to being a college drop-out. 

While volunteering at the elementary school, I became convinced that I would likely do well and enjoy working with the young kids professionally, teaching them in some capacity. I worked 1-on-1 with some of them as a volunteer, helping them learn to read and understand the basic fundamentals of mathematics. I was also quite effective in motivating them to do well and do better on their own, and the little ones loved to show me how well they were doing even as they got older.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should move forward? Are there any online tests or quizzes available that can help me determine a specific goal? Or if I should focus on some other aspect of education? And once deciding on a specific specialty, how can I best get any needed education and credentials so I can properly pursue that career?

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    You'll find the requirements for teacher licensure on the California Department of Education website. You didn't say how far you got in college. The first requirement would be a 4 year degree. If you want to teach elementary school, you would major in elementary ed, or early childhood education at a college of education. To teach at the secondary level, in most states, you need a bachelor's degree in that subject, plus some courses in Education, possibly and MAT. You mentioned math- there's a huge need for math teachers. If you have some credentials in math, there might be a waiver program where you could start teaching math, and take a few years to get the education courses. 

    Private schools can hire teachers without licensure, but you'd still need a bachelor's degree. 

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