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What can i keep with my betta fish?

i ordered a fish tank, but my friend gave me her betta because she couldn’t take care of it and the new tank won’t be here for a week. i have too many fish to empty a whole tank, but i was wondering if i could keep him with the feeder rosy red fish in my feeder tank? it’s a 10 gallon with filtration that’s heated. they are all the same size as him so he couldn’t kill them, but will that be too much dirt in the water from the other fish? and would it stress my fish out too much? 


i forgot to mention that my feeder tank is NOT over stocked i only keep 10 at a time max

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    Bettas are a kind of Useless fish, in that they don't play well with others, do not swim strongly and cant survive strong filters and will kill any other males of their kind. Drop him into My tank of Jelly Bean Parrots-a Community fish(technically a cichlid) and he has a 1 in a zillion chance of surviving till tomorrow. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It could stress them both out. A small school could gang up and nip the Bettas fins as already stated. That could cause many health problems. If you just need to house him until another tank arrives, you can easily keep him in a temporary tank. I had an emergency pop up and had to house a Betta in an empty UTZ cheese ball container. My hospital tank was already in use when Betta's tank decided to leak. Any large container that can be loosely covered, to keep him from jumping out, should be fine short term.

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  • 1 month ago


    Are you saying that you want to add the betta to the 10 gallon with 10 rosey red minnows untill the new tank comes?  

    I wouls be cautios, as the minows may bite his fins, especialy if it is a male beta with a lot of fins. but you know your minnows better then I do.

    You should not keep the betta with the minnows long term.

    Bettas are tropical fish, the temp should be 80 and stable

    Minnows are cold water fish, the temp should be room temperature/ 70 ish.

    will it be too much dirt = It depends on how well you clean the tank, you will need to feed carnivour foods like frozen blood worms, thins cxan get over whelming easilly in a small tank, or really in any size tank.

    Will it stress him out = yes it might.  I here that minnows are pretty active "never had them" I here that they may tail chase and nip, But IDK.  And some bettas tolerate tank mates much better than others. 

    So your getting a new tank? what size is the new tank?   I can't recommend fish without knowing.

    • i got a 10 gallon and he’s much happier in there away from the feeders but i want to maybe get some bottom feeders with him? what would you suggest

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