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If elderly Americans and Americans living in other countries can vote by mail, why can’t everyone?

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    States and counties would prefer voters vote in person because it is easier to count and the results are quicker.  

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    We will and Trump cant stop it. Thats why he wants the post office gone.

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    Most people probably are to stupid to mail in a valid vote.

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    The main problem for those opposing expanded mail in voting is political activists who volunteer to help you fill-out your ballot and/or mail it in for you (ballot harvesting). Too many of them have either helped people "vote" the way the activists want, or they "lose" the ballots on the way to the mailbox if you didn't vote the way they wanted you to vote.

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    If everyone voted Republicans would be history.

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    It is correct that all 50 states already have a system to provide absentee ballots so registered voters who will be away from home or otherwise unable to go to the polls on election day can vote by mail. The system is designed so it minimizes the opportunities to use absentee ballots to commit election fraud.  

    What the Democrats want to do is simply mail ballots to every address for which they have names. No request required. It creates an opportunity for massive, DNC organized election fraud - which is exactly what the Democrats want to do.  

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    Everyone has the same rights.

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    True .

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