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Why is Seoul much more popular than Tokyo around the World?

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  • Gonzo
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    3 months ago
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    Don't make me laugh. I lived in Seoul for a year and 3 months and it is a toilet. I am jealous of people who lived in Tokyo as it actually has worth. Korean food is so so. The culture is boring. Nothing to do really do unless you like sightseeing museums. All Korean men are obsessed with Starcraft computer game. They act like social robots. Prostitution is rampant and takes the form of coffee delivery girls, massage parlors, anmas, karaoke bars, bars, and more. Trust me Seoul is not more popular than Tokyo. It wishes. And Koreans are jealous and bitter towards Japanese people. Sad.

  • Bob
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    3 months ago

    That’s an interesting hypothesis. What basis do you have for your claim?

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