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Girlfriend broke up with me for shaving down there?

So I did my covid cut head shave (no. 3 all over)  and just carried on, but went to nil everywhere else. 

My girlfriend and me had one facetime where she said my hair was cute, but when we got into it and took our clothes off, she immediately laughed at what I did to my chest and my balls.... my underarms took her over the top and she said I look like a prison wife boy and... long story short we had a fight and it was pretty bad. Just mean.....  She hasn't messaged me for three days and I've apologised but I dunno what to do.

Honestly thought she might like it and maybe only laugh a lil... not call me names and tell me how gay I look. But I shouldn't have shouted at her either and I feel really bad and I wish I hadn't done it in the first place. And I can't go see her to try fix it. What do I do?

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  • 2 months ago

    move on and dont repeat it

  • 2 months ago

    Needs a temporary fix, get some steel wool and super glue it there. It will be good for her so her pus5y doesn't go rusty when you start slamming it again

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