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As we all know reading Surah Yaseen is confirmed to be forgiven for evil sins but will this include major sins or just minor sins ?

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    Our duty is to ask from GOD to forgive all of our sins committed, and the duty of GOD for all mankind is to listen and forgive to the prayers of those who pray . Hope during the past Month of Ramadan ,you have been fasting completely and being forgiving completely , through your reading Surah Yaseen of every day of that Holy Month. GOD promise to let all the believers out of this Month of Ramadan , as if being a baby just born.

    Keep your daily ritual prayers of five times a day, regularly and on time , and in every prayer , there is duah for it , especially the morning prayer that GOD promise to forgive sins of those who cry for GOD to forgive their sins, hope you have done that, especially after you read Surah Yaseen , which is the heart of Al Quran. There are totally 114 Surah of Al Quran ,which is as if , the total length of circumference of a circle , then the length of the diameter of the circle would be 114 / Pi value = 36 = the number of Surah Yaseen. GOD is the greatest above all things.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes. It would forgive evil sins.

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