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What are the stages or indicators that a genocide has happened? Pick TWO stages and provide examples from the Holocaust?

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    Phase one removing citizenship from Jews then deporting them then rounding up all of Europe's jews and sending to labour camps then

    rounding up anyone who hitler hated like gays Scouts handycap Race defilers Unemployable JW Blacks etc

    Phase 2 the Murdering of Jews and Other Untermenschen

    Operation Reinhard where they proved the Zyclon B was the best Poison to use after they tried it out on

    These sites were used to test the best way of exterminating People and Zyclon B was chosen as the best all from their own Mouths and Documentation it was called Operation Reinhard the designer of the Final solution

    Bełżec 600,000 deathsSobibór 250,000 deathsTreblinka 900,000 deaths

    Later all 22 death camps in 1942 were retrofitted to use Zyclon B

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      Many thanks for BA

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    Pick two trolls and explain why they are total idiots.

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      Cmon don’t you have something better, I’ve heard “trolls” plenty of times. 

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    Your question asks about the indicators "that a genocide HAS HAPPENED". Not, "that it's in progress".

    Which do you actually mean?

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    "provide examples from the Holocaust?"

    What holocaust do you have in mind?

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      Ther was also a holocaust in India caused by Churhill, 4 million were staves to death due to his insistence and orders on taking food supplies for India and sailing them to the UK, were there was no shortage of food.

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