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My cousin lost her way at age 24. Can I help?

She was a straight A student in college, graduated top class,’s been one year now and she’s now doing drugs since a close friend passed away. She hasn’t been looking for jobs, moved back in with parents, no longer religious, drinks way too much alcohol, she isolated herself, and is doing really bad things. Her parents could care less & she’s 24 years old also 😭I can’t help her, can I? Do I just leave her alone?


I know she also doesn’t ever sleep because she texts me at weird hours & I’m worried that she’s doing some other dangerous things to’s hard to see how much she’s changed and how she went from such an angelic and hard working student to this person I don’t know

Update 2:

She told me she did go to therapy & didn’t feel that she needed it, it’s been a year now, & she hasn’t been better

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  • Gman
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    2 months ago

    Focus On a Sure Hope for the Future

    Even when we are under the most trying circumstances, we can keep our mind on good things. How so? God gives us a sure hope for the future. The apostle Peter summed up this wonderful hope in these words: “There are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to [God’s] promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.” (2 Peter 3:13) What does that mean?

    The expression “new heavens” actually refers to a government​—God’s heavenly Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ. “New earth” refers to a new human society here on earth having God’s approval. Under the rule of the “new heavens,” the new earthly society will be free of all the things that cause negative feelings. Regarding faithful humans living then, the Bible assures us that God “will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.”​—Revelation 21:4.

    Surely you would agree that those are delightful, encouraging thoughts. That is why the Bible speaks of the future prospects God has provided for true Christians as “the happy hope.” (Titus 2:13) If we focus our mind on God’s promises for mankind’s future​—and on the reasons why those promises are reliable and sure—​we push aside negative thoughts.​—Philippians 4:8.

    The Bible compares our hope of salvation to a helmet. (1 Thessalonians 5:8) In ancient times, a soldier would not dare engage in battle without his helmet. He knew that it would cushion many a blow and cause many a missile to glance off harmlessly. As a helmet protects the head, so hope protects the mind. Dwelling on thoughts that fill us with hope can keep us from negative, fearful, pessimistic thinking.

  • df
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    It’s something she will have to pull herself out of. I fell off the deep end too after my ex‘s family was murdered

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    One's faith can be tested by the death of a friend when you're so young despite poor sayings as the good die young. The very idea that she's still communicating with you is also a good thing if she 's shut the rest of the world out. However, rather than appearing to ask her to stop what she's doing and returning to her old life keep reassuring her that you're there for her should she ever need you. Trying to force change may only get her more agitated and possibly stop even communicating with you too. The one possible thing that she's not possibly looking to do is kill herself so ask her via text if she could wait till a decent hour to text you in order to lessen her frustration should it take too long to get back to her. Being doing that it gives her a sense of routine something she's obviously not used to at present. As for her Therapy, dependent on how her Therapist has decided the course of action to address could be the very reason she's reluctant to go so she has been off the rails for a year. So, a change of Therapist might be the next course of action if her parents and yourself are to see any change in her behaviour, so why not try talking to them about it? I wish you also the very best as it must be quite difficult and exhausting for you too sometimes. 

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