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What is the percent change of two currents when the switch is closed? .174 A when closed and .181 A when open.?


By what percent does the current through A change when the switch is closed?

I found the value of the current to be .174 A when the switch is closed and value of the current when the switch is open to be .181 A. I've tried to calculate the percent change and I've tried 3.87%,3.86%,-3.87%,-3.67%,4.02%, and -4.02% but all were wrong. I'm really not sure what to do here. 

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  • 6 months ago

    Current change =.181-.174=.007A


  • Alan
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    6 months ago

    Have you verified that 0.174 and 0.181 are correct?

    If not, you should post your whole question?

    Also, does the current change direction?

    so from -0.174 to +0.181 could be seen as 

    as  + 0.355 or -0.355 change in the current 

    then,  you have 0.355/0.174 or 0.355/0.181 

    this means +/- 202.0 % change 

    or a 196.1 % change in the current 

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