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Why do trains and ships have names but planes don’t?

Trains have names (both the route and the equipment itself): the Twentieth Century Limited, the California Zephyr and more.

Passenger ships do: the Queen Mary and Carnival cruise names are famous.

Why don’t passenger planes have names?  The only that I can think of are United’s p.s. route.

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    They sometimes do, if the airline is that way inclined. However, you don't book a ticket on a particular aircraft, you book a ticket for the flight and you get whatever is operating it at the time.  Aircraft get swapped and moved around according to the operator's needs at the time and they can't have one particular aircraft dedicated to one particular flight.

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      And the time of forgetting the "The Lone Eagle's" solo trans-Atlantic flight in "The Spirit of St. Louis" has not yet come.

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    Sure, they always had names since the Hindenburg "HOT ONE" flew .  It was too hot to handle.

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    Planes do often have names. 

    Spirit of St Louis, Enola Gay, Memphis Belle, City of Lincoln are just a few of the famous ones. 

    Also, every single Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Pacific, and Virgin Galactic aircraft has a name.

    But they don’t have to because they are known properly by their registration numbers. Ships don’t have those so have to be known by their registry names and the port authority they are registered with.

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    They have names, usually the airline name or airline code and the flight number.

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    they do have names, they call them airlines

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