Undergrad BA from University  & Certificate from JR College?

I am currently finishing my last semester at Pasadena City College (PPC) and I am transferring to Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) this coming fall. I plan on taking 15-18 units a semester in hopes of graduating early. However, during summer vacation I plan on taking a couple of courses at PCC to receive a certificate. I would only need to take 5 courses since I completed half of the courses required while completing my AA. 


Since I am transferring and my transcript would be sent to CPP and all other transferring procedures taking place etc... 

Would I need to apply to PCC again to complete the certificate?

Lets say I attempt receiving the certificate and I complete it before finishing CPP, would I need to transfer those courses from PCC to CPP?

Would I need to let CPP know that I am still taking courses at PCC?

I don't really need the certificate but since its only 5 courses, I don't see why not attempt and receive it just so it can look nice on my LinkedIn and resume. Having an extra certificate doesn't hurt anybody 

Also, im am asking here in case anybody knows or has done this since its very hard to reach out to schools RN cuz of the COVID-19

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  • 3 months ago
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    If you already transferred the max number  of credits to CPP, they wont accept any more (which if you got the AA, you did); do you need to tell them you are getting a certificate? No.  Applying to CC is simple (not like the university), if you never withdraw formally, you dont apply again, you just enroll in the courses.

    Therefore:  transfer those courses: No

    let CPP know you are taking them? No (they dont care)

    Do you need to reapply? Only if you werent in continuous attendance

  • drip
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    3 months ago

    Would PCC even accept those five credits?  You would have earned a certificate, I don’t think that would transfer or add to your degree. 

    Sounds like you need to talk to PCC admissions office.

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