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How does the straighterline program work?

I was recommended for it but don’t get how it works. It gives you course choices and says how much credit it transfers over but I don’t get exactly how it works... like, I want to get into nursing school and if I take the anatomy class and pass it, does it get transferred towards a college class for nursing school? If I take the anatomy class, math and English will I still have to go to another college to get my degree towards being an nurse? From what I know, you buy a membership to take a class and you take the class and have to take a test to help pass it. 

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    Google is your friend:

    Before signing up for any classes with Straighterline, you need to see their list of the accredited colleges and universities that they work with. You need to make sure that the school *you want to attend is on that list. If it is, you need to call or email the admissions office of that school and ask them if they accept credits earned through the Straighterline program. Straighterline appears to be a for-profit online program, so its credits may not transfer to many schools.

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