What is the probability of not throwing the ball to a receiver on either throw?

A football quarterback has two more chances to throw a touchdown before his team is forced to punt the ball. He misses the receiver on the first throw 25% of the time. When his first throw is incomplete, he misses the receiver on the second throw 15% of the time.

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  • fcas80
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    2 months ago

    Assuming this is not a trick question, and he is throwing both times with no other possibilities:  .25*.15 = .0375

    If there are other possibilities such as a running play, then not enough information.

  • 2 months ago

    Not enough information was provided. You have two probabilities related to a QB missing the receiver. You then ask the probability of not throwing the ball at all to the receiver on either one.

    Are we to assume there is a 0% chance of doing a running play? You say he has two *more* chances so that assumes he already had one play (since there are 4 downs and he has 2 left.) What happened on that play? Was that a pass? Does that count as the first pass missed? Is 'not throwing the ball to a receiver' the same as an incomplete pass?

    Sorry, horrible question. Let your teacher know there are way too many assumptions or make up your own assumptions and answer it however you want based on those.

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