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What could cause memory loss over the past 6 days?

I was discharged from the ER today because I was super confused/disoriented. I sent a couple of messages 2 days ago that say "sorry! I'm so confused/feel weird! What are we talking about?" & I remember asking my boyfriend questions (I believe at the hospital but maybe before) & he'd say we just spoke about this. My mom picked me up & we spoke about things that happened 2 days ago which I remember bits of, but then we spoke about something that happened 6 days ago which I have absolutely no recollection of & so I believe my memory over the past 6 days or so has been super foggy and a good amount has been lost. My mom said it could be a short term memory problem but I'm hesitant to agree since I'm not experiencing anything like that now (besides the lost past 6 days).

I'm diabetic, take Zoloft on/off (I already am pretty forgetful) but not on any medication that should affect memory. I thought maybe I was dehydrated 2 days ago since I had a headache/dark urine at the hospital, but online I don't see too much on hydration/memory. My blood glucose meter shows 10 low blood sugar readings in the spam of an hour (I'm guessing I kept forgetting) & showed extreme highs/lows over the past 3 days. I got a CT scan/other tests & they didn't find anything wrong with my brain or any reason why this may have happened. I believe a doctor at the hospital said it could be the on/off Zoloft but I wasn't in the best place when we were talking about it. Any thoughts/speculations?

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    No idea, Could be a fluke. Maybe keep an eye out for if it happens again.

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      Hi! Thank you for your response :) Could you clarify what could be a fluke? And yeah that's the plan haha! I'm just not exactly sure what to keep an eye out and what to try to do to prevent something like this from happening again :(

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