drrckyee asked in SportsHockey · 5 months ago

Is the NHL 2020-21 season already?

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  • 5 months ago

    Are you asking is upcoming NHL event the 2020-21 season? No it''s not, its the 19/20 playoffs featuring a 24 team format.

    If your expecting the playoffs to start anytime soon, you can think again! There are 4 phases to re-starting things, the NHL is in Phase 2! Phase 3 is training camp which at the earliest wont be until July, and Phase 4 is the playoffs themselves.

    Realisticly? At earliest its going to be in August, featuring 24 teams, playing a best of 5 game series until a cup is determined. Doing the math here? This is easily a 2 months playoff, which would carry into October. 

    That's even IF there is a 19/20 playoffs, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome here

    1- Where will teams be able to do training camp? 

    2- How many players will be allowed to participate on ice during it?

    3- Which hub cities will host the playoffs?

    4- What about CVD-19 testing? How are they going to go about testing over 1000 people ?

    5- What about contracts? July 1st is expirary date, and no NHL player can legally play if they don't have a contract (insurance issues). No player is going to step foot on the ice and risk injury when it would come out of their own pocket? Lets say Ovie comes out August 2nd and breaks his neck on a hit, he would be paying for his medical bills the rest of his life. This right here is going to be the biggest hurdle to overcome, there's a lot of legalities to navigate here, and I really think this will be what very well could de-rail any hopes of a playoff series.

    The NHL is being stupid here, they really are! If they were smart? The playoffs would just be called off, nix the entire thing and work on figuring how to get the 20/21 season started safely and on time.

  • opurt
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Even under normal circumstances, the 2020-21 season wouldn't start until October 2020 with preseason games in September. When it will actually start this time is still up in the air given that we still don't know when the 2019-20 playoffs will be done.

  • Mike W
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    5 months ago

    No, the 2019-20 season hasn't been declared over yet.  If things went off as originally scheduled, we'd be near the end of the conference finals, maybe even early into the Stanley Cup finals, about now.  

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