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Can anyone explain this weird experience I had the other night in the middle of the night?

So I ended up waking up in the middle of the night because my dog puked on my floor. Well, after cleaning it up, I went back to my bed and my dog was laying with me. I struggled to fall back asleep and after a few minutes of laying there and sweating like crazy, due to it being how hot it was, there was this huge gust of wind, like a random fan turned on that was coming from my wall which felt really nice, actually. but after a few seconds of that, I heard someone repeatedly calling my name with a voice that sounded like they were talking into a fan. And my door ended up swinging open. Once I woke up in the morning, I wasn't hot or sweaty. it actually didn't feel like I never was sweating in the first place.

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    something similiar has  happened to me twice...  when my mom passed, and again a few months ago, when my dad passed. I strongly believe they are watching over me... have you had anyone you were close to pass away recently, even a pet?

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