How to stop feeling nervous and self conscious when I’m outside?

Im a man in my forties, I have ptsd and a very bad nervous disposition, I don’t have much confidence in myself and find it difficult to control my actions at times...

When I go out for my walk I always feel very anxious and feel self conscious about myself.... I think that all eyes are on me, people are talking about me and are being over familiar with me, when they don’t know me..... that makes me feel angry, which makes me look annoyed in public.

How can I knock all this off and win these internal battles and get confidence in myself? Not care what people think? And not be self conscious?

To describe me I’m bald, have a tan, have a moustache, have minor deformities and also managed type 2 diabetes.

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  • Jim2
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    3 months ago
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    This may have come from childhood? I was often the butt of jokes in School, and even when I also was in my forties, I felt the same way.

    I finally realized that people that make fun of another and are overly critical are very insecure themselves. Fortunately, many people grow out of this.

    Now, I am far more social, and also realize that everyone else, not just me, does dumb things once in a while. Be proud of who you are!

    I should add that when I was 19 I had a boss that criticized everything I did and made me feel like a real loser. Finally, someone I worked with whom I also viewed as overly critical told me "Hey, I think **** is giving you an inferiority complex! You're no bigger a ja**off than anyone else. You hear me?"

    I still remember those words today. Coming from the unlikeliest of sources. Lol.

  • 3 months ago

    You should probably see a therapist. Yahoo Answers might not be the best platform for self-help

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