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Why some people are so immoral?

I have a bad experiences to share apartment with bad guests (They were airbnb guest)

They take other's food from fridge, someone try to enter my room without knock.I was so scare. Why they are so immoral?

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    Because society allows sin, check out resource based economy / the Venus project .

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  • Marvin
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    2 months ago

    You do realize that a "moral" is a religious tradition, and not the same thing as an ethic.  Many things done in the bible and on the Quaran are not very ethical but are considered "moral".

    Why are they crappy to other people? You can thank modern Christianity for that. They can do anything they want all week, and expect it to be "absolved" because they think that believing in Christ is all they need. If they believed in karma instead, then they might not behave that way.

    I bet you the people who park in my assigned parking stall, or park behind me blocking me in call themselves "Christian".

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