Is it possible to repair an extremely rare broken motherboard from the 90's? I usually throw away broken computer parts but.....?

I have one and it's really rare the replacement cost like 200 bucks and I could only find 5 on the ENTIRE INTERNET. I CANNOT bare to throw it away.

I know that the reason it doesn't work is because the CPU slot is broken.


^-^ Been playing DOS games on the repaired computer a few times a year.(Don't want to give it too much stress and repair it soon)

Update 2:

Have a soldering iron, if that helps.

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you can find a replacement CPU socket, you can unsolder the old one and replace it. Drawing all the solder out from all the pins is a slow and difficult process and you have to be careful not to get a dry joint on the new socket. You need to decide how much of your time is worth $200.

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