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How can I explain to my mom that she should stop bringing out of state cans to Michigan?

The first time I was aware of her doing this is when we went to a Michigan Walmart giving cans and I asked her what they sign meant that was pretty much everywhere. And a worker was near by and she was like shut up and getting all angry that I was asking because she wanted to make the excuse that she didn't see the sign if she did get caught. Anyway when we got out she explained to me that that's the crime that we are committing and basically explaining like you can't bring cans from out of state. I looked into it and found things out that really let me understand why it's illegal like that it steals millions of dollars from tax payers because they can't register out of state cans so most of the cans do get wasted and not recycled. But yeah like we are poor and of course my mom is going to find some way to cheat the system so I do need to explain to her in a good way that will make her understand how wrong it is. I'm also 20 years old I usually refuse to go with her now but she will usually force me I also don't want to have any responsibility if she does get caught with it since really I also don't really have a choice of living with her she will get furious if I talk about moving out. I have autism and she uses my disability check and basically forces me to act like I still need help just so I can have a disability check. This is really how poor she is that she forces me into her life because of my disability just for money.

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  • Bruce
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    3 months ago

    You can tell her "I didn't see the sign" is not a legal defense. 

  • Gorgia
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    3 months ago

    Give her the facts and if she does not accept it then not much you can do without force. Please also don't hurt your mother

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