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What is the best break barrel rifle based on your ownership?


I had a crosman, it broke within a month (crosman prowler .177).   I need a new one to kill some pests (rats and those long ones). 

Update 2:

I notice there is a brand called "artemis".... search on youtube.  has anyone had any experience with this model?

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  • Robin
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    2 months ago

    holland and holland .................

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  • C_F_45
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    2 months ago

    If you're looking for what I consider to be the best value for taking small game and pests(rats included)

    Hatsan 95($149)

    A bit more, but if you have a lot of rats

    Gamo Swarm Maxxim - prefer in .22 caliber

    $196 off Gunbroker - includes shipping

    The Diana(RWS) 350 Magnum($349) is the least expensive air rifle that I include with the best in the world. I much prefer this one in .22 due to the power(25ft-lbs) there is a much better selection of 14-19gr pellets in .22 than in .177 and for accuracy's sake you're going to want to shoot a heavier pellet. 

    Added for "Artemis airguns"

    Other than they are made in China. I don't know anything about them.

    What I do know is, the next time anyone in China builds a good spring/gas piston air rifle, will be the first time. Your experience with the Crosman should have taught you that. 

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