Can do you use artificial smoke on cased sausages?

If I soak my cased Polish or Swedish sausage in some liquid smoke will it absorb its flavor or is this a futile effort to do a mock BBQ? 

I only ask because my apartment complex does not allow you to use barbecues (nor do I have one anyway) and I would like to make a mock barbecue with artificial flavor liquid that I do have the best I can, indoors.

Thanks for the help :) & stay safe out there :D

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  • kswck2
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Liquid smoke is a Flavoring wherein you use very little in conjunction with something else, like a marinade. What you have are smoke bombs, completely inedible. 

    • Ok thank you. I guess that makes sense. just wanted to some type of smoking sausage without a smoker because my apt. doesn't have grills or smokers. Guess it would be useless cuz they've had treatment, so adding the Liquid Smoke would make it just a whole bunch of garbage, or an edible. Thank you

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